Vote for YOU

Vote for YOU

The little creatures just held their first election.

They called each other names. They accused each other’s mothers of being less than virtuous (I wasn’t sure if I should be offended since I’m the one who created them).

They promised the electorate the moon and stars if they would only vote for them. They promised free this and unlimited that.

They promised an end to wars, though their flaming rhetoric made you wonder if they really meant it.

I try not to let the political dog and pony show get the best of me. My father’s a magician. I know a performance when I see one, and when politicians are on the campaign trail they are performers bar none.

They have a script.

They use it because it works.

You just have to hope—once they ace the audition and win the role they’re going for—they get down to making laws that are reasonable and not memorializing the crappy one-liners they memorized while on the road.

I believe that most politicians have a good heart—despite the scoundrels that are always present.

I believe that some have a better grasp of human nature and human struggles than others.

But, what I believe the most, is that after we cast our vote for our favorite such-a-schmuck we have to have a long look in the mirror and realize that the person we should believe in most is the one looking back at us.

We are the change we wish to see.

We hold the keys to our future.

And when the politicians we’ve voted for let us down—the pitchforks are ready. We just have to remember to use them on the bozos in office—not each other.

Get involved.
Get off your butt.
Don’t stay home.

Vote for YOU.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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