The Prison of Forbidden Words

The Prison of Forbidden Words

The world is a mess. I think most people would agree. In these times, I feel that it’s too easy to get caught up in the zeitgeist of one’s era not really seeing clearly where it will lead.

Since I live in a realm that is a direct result of how things played out in your realm, I thought it best to give a few words of wisdom to those who may wish to see things in a different light.

Words are powerful things. In my realm words can evoke a spell, work magic, build worlds, and even create life.

What troubles me is when words get to the point where they are unsayable because their context is not understood. This is a trap that leads to prison doors being shut and people’s lives being destroyed.

Words, in this context, have no more power than we give them and most words have very long histories which travel through many cultures before they arrive at our doorstep. Certain words become so derogatory that they should be avoided. Others, are descriptive and are applicable to more than one culture.

Tribes, is one of these words.

I am a member of a tribe by birth and soul union. Tessla—who keeps the portal from my realm to yours—is also a member of a tribe (by conversion).

The tribes of my realm are what were left when the earth ceased to be habitable. The remaining tribes were made up of wanderers and travelers of various peoples and cultures. Their traditions became fused into the very fabric of the creators realm and the many icon worlds born from this realm.

Time marched on. And, the funny thing with time is that it obscures where certain traditions come from and where certain words originated or how they have mutated throughout their journey from one culture to another.

Like I stated, words can become unacceptable when they become caustic, but when Tessla converted to her new way of life her friend turned to her and said, “Welcome to our tribe!”

When I was initiated into my mother’s tribe, I did so with trepidation of living up to what that meant and how it would change my way of life.

If we care about marginalized or repressed groups, we should get involved with helping them as human beings. This is the work of community. It’s hard work. It takes giving of our time and resources, but this is how the world will be healed.

The world will not be healed by restricting certain words. We can spend all of our time, energy and emotion expunging words from the language which we speak, but in the end will end up a silent generation who can’t preserve the past because we can no longer speak about it, and who can’t build the future because there are no untainted words left to express our hopes, dreams and, yes, fears.

Shaming, silencing, and applying false motives to other humans is destructive to the human spirit. I would call it a sin* against the human soul.

Perhaps, this is the time we start showing grace to one another—realizing that we are ALL struggling with things in this world.

Language is imperfect at best. It’s loaded with symbolism, motifs and tropes which we may not fully appreciate. The other problem with language is that whatever is written is processed through the world we have built in our own head.

We must realize these traps. Otherwise, we will build a prison we will be unable to escape for many generations to come.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

*sin, in its original biblical usage, meant to miss the mark—and though it has been appropriated from the ancient cult of the Semitic tribes, I’m sure they won’t mind if I use it here.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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