The Magic of Bings

The Magic of Bings

I created this peace sign using two elements that you’ll see in many of my creations. The first is a rainbow flower. I refer to this flower as a Jelly Flower because it’s the one most associated with me. I created a field of these flowers in the Gypsy Grove. The flowers appeared once a year, on the day of the summer solstice, which just so happens to be my birthday. For a whole day the flowers soaked up the warmth from the spotlight sun before vanishing until the following year. Those who ventured amongst the flowers during that special time, couldn’t help but notice how much sunnier and happier the rest of their day would be. This was no illusion, for amidst the flowers I strewed a hefty dose of little, red orbs. These bead-like orbs, called Bings, were filled with magic and, though they weren’t composed of the magic the Travelers used, they were still lucky. Now that you know the secret meaning of the elements I use in my peace sign, you’ll know where you can go to find a little bit of luck when you need it.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

Salsa Peace Sign - Red - Yellow - Green

Peace Sign Bing Style with Red and Yellow Orbs

Rose Peace Sign - Pink - Yellow - Green

Peace Sign Bing Style with Pink and Yellow Orbs

Tropical Peace Sign - Orange - Yellow - Green

Peace Sign Bing Style with Orange and Yellow Orbs

Mardi Gras Peace Sign - Violet - Yellow - Green

Peace Sign Bing Style with Violet and Yellow Orbs