Note from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal

Note from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal

I’ve often wondered about the girl who makes my world accessible to yours.

Who would dedicate her life to such a mission? I’ve formed opinions from the glimpses that I occasionally catch of her life, but I’ve never received a direct message—until now.

I questioned whether I should post it, since I didn’t really know if the note was for my edification alone or a dispatch meant for wider distribution. I decided that since its sentiments so closely mirrored mine, I would post it, knowing I could always change the closing lines and claim it as my own.

Note from Tessla:

I want people to believe in the Magic again.

I want people to wonder at those things that defy explanation.

I want people to believe in the creativity that lights their soul and the passion that guides their heart.

I want people to embrace the serenity of nature so that they can always be connected to what is real.

I want people to discover that secret spark they possess inside, then turn it into a flame that lights the world.

I want people to love bravely and boldly.

I want to create a world that all the little creatures can call home.

This is why I keep the portal.

Tessla – Queen of Smiles – Keeper of the Portal