My Kaleidoscope Life

My Kaleidoscope Life

You may be wondering what’s up with presenting my images in the vast variety of colors that I do. Color has always fascinated me. I like how different colors evoke different moods and highlight different aspects of the image I’m presenting.

I guess its to be expected. Whenever I got called in to see the guidance counselors at school I was always diagnosed with a terminal case of creativity, which meant I should stay away from technical stuff and pursue more artsy endeavors. This was no surprise to me, but what I couldn’t tell the aforementioned counselors was that I had no plans to attend art school or haunt the local craft fairs.

My career path was chosen when my sister and I were claimed by the Magic. We became Creators of Creatures whose creation would ultimately break the clockwork of our little iconville not to mention send California-worthy tremblers throughout all the other icon worlds as well.

If my guidance counsellors would have known that they probably would have suggested some university even farther away than the art institutes they had already presented for my consideration.

Like I said, despite my Magic-chosen career path, I was always an artist at heart. When I wasn’t creating little creatures, I designed these magical canvases that would shift through a kaleidoscope of colors and images of their own accord. I would sit and watch these collages of magic and art for hours as I let my mind wander.

After I had perfected my technique, I would place these canvases around town. I didn’t ask permission nor did I wonder if they would be taken down. I would pick out of the way spots in different establishments and hang them up with a little magic tack.

The canvases were small, no more than a foot or so on each side. Once installed, the canvases took on the personality of the location where they were placed, meaning their appearance mimicked the surrounding decor, but they would always run through the same series of colors depending on the time of day. It was like looking at a lava lamp, but even more hypnotic.

Of course, because of their magical attributes, my canvases also caused a fair bit of mysterious happenings at the various properties I grace them with, but those are stories for another day.

For now, I’m still living the Kaleidoscope Life and sharing my Rainbow Vision with the World.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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