Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It

Hi, Let me introduce myself. My name is Blueberry Fields—Blue to you, Mr. Fix It to everyone else, unless you piss me off at which point I’ll fix you too.

You may know me from the stuff that Jellybean writes about. But, starting with this dispatch, you’re about to get to know me a whole lot better. See, I’ve known Jel since her family first moved to Cratersville. I went to school with her and her sister, Little Pops—that’s Poppy to you.

Everything was running like clockwork until the Magic came along. That’s when things started to break. I was enlisted to keep our techno-magical world going.

If there weren’t actual people involved, I would have told the Magic to bugger off. I wasn’t interested in cleaning up its messes. I’m still not. But, I do have a soft spot for certain folks, which is a fact I wouldn’t go spreading around if I were you.

Now, I’m cooling my heels in the Icon Galaxy, while Jel is stirring up shit in the Creators Realm. I would say I miss her, but that’s no one’s business but my own.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy. I don’t need safe spaces or trigger warnings. I don’t mind causing climate change in the snowflake community.

I fix things.

I break things.

I kick peoples’ butts,
     including my own.

I’ll tell you things that Jel can’t bring herself to say,
     or won’t.

She’s a magician’s daughter.
She’ll tell you a story.
I’ll tell you what she left out.

—Blueberry Fields, Mr. Fix It

Cratersville Scene: Blueberry and Starry Orb with Little Creature on Crater

Cratersville Scene: Blueberry and Starry Orb with Little Creature on Crater

Jelly and Blue Dialog No.1:

Blue: Geez Jel, I haven’t dressed like that since I’ve been ten! And, what’s with the antennas? They look dorky.

Jelly: Come on Blue, you looked cute back then. And the antennas show unity with the little creatures.

Blue: I don’t do unity. That’s way too touchy feely for me. Next time give me horns or something.

Jelly and Blue Dialog No.2:

Jelly: Hey Blue, checkout the makeover I gave you!

Blueberry with Horns and Red Daemon Weekle

Blueberry with Horns and Red Daemon Weekle

Blue: Seriously, Jel? Is that how you are going to represent me to the universe? And what’s that creature doing next to me? You aren’t giving me a familiar are you? That’ll kill my reputation.