Index of Dispatches and Albums

Index of Dispatches and Albums

Welcome to the Official Index for Peace, Love and Little Creatures. Listed here is every dispatch and album I’ve sent through the portal.

Since I’m not following a linear format, I thought that categorizing the index—instead of creating a straight list—would be most helpful for exploring my world.

Even though many of my dispatches might fit under two or more categories, I have refrained (for the most part) from duplicating their placement.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, occasionally, my BFF Blueberry will dispatch a missive of his own (see below for Dispatches from Blueberry). His style is different from mine. He doesn’t “believe” in the Magic like I do. He prefers clockwork and gears, stuff that he can fiddle with—without use of a wand—though I’ve heard he has a mean ray gun he uses to zap any magic that gets too close. I hope you indulge his gruffness because, though he may not like to admit it, his heart is in the right place.

About Jellybean:
A Brief History of Me – DISPATCH

Intro to Peace Love and Little Creatures:
Purpose of Peace, Love and Little Creatures – DISPATCH
Peace, Love and Little Creatures Introduction – DISPATCH
Boho Chic Cratersville Style – DISPATCH
Box of Chocolates – Jelly Style – DISPATCH

Girl Power:
Greatness of Girls – SOAPBOX

Peace & Peace Signs:
About My Peace Signs – DISPATCH
Peace Signs Bing-Style – Fun Collection – ALBUM
Peace Signs Bing-Style – Flower Power Collection – ALBUM
Flower Power – SOAPBOX

Love, Hearts and Valentines:
Mouse in Pocket – DISPATCH
Hard Candy Hearts Collection – ALBUM
Negotiations – Jelly’s Side of the Story – DISPATCH
Secret Sunshine Card – It’s No Secret – I Love You – ALBUM

The Magic:
The Magic – DISPATCH
Release the Magic Collection – ALBUM
Magic Mountain – DISPATCH
The Magic Loves You – Collection – ALBUM
Set Piece – DISPATCH
Prelude – DISPATCH
You’re My Magic Collection – ALBUM

The Magic of Bings:
The Magic of Bings – DISPATCH

Rainbow Vibes:
Kaleidoscope Realm – DISPATCH
Rainbow Vibes from the Rainbow Realm – Album One – ALBUM
Rainbow Vibes from the Rainbow Realm – Album Two – ALBUM
Rainbow is the New Black – SOAPBOX
Rainbow Power – SOAPBOX
We Are the Rainbow – SOAPBOX

The Journey – Believe in the Dream of YOU:
Bring Your Dreams to Life – DISPATCH
Playing the Long Game – DISPATCH
Life is a Game of Cards – DISPATCH
Get Happy Collection – ALBUM
Transcending the Dream – SOAPBOX
Excite Like a Supernova – Rocket Bing Collection – ALBUM
Believe in the Dream of You – ALBUM
The Journey – Blast Off Collection – ALBUM
Queen of Hearts – Inspiration Collection – ALBUM

Dark Night of the Soul:
Poison Hearts Day – DISPATCH

Tortured Worlds:
Bonfire – SOAPBOX
Witch of Hearts – SOAPBOX
Prison of Imagined Worlds – DISPATCH

The Decorum:
Prison of Forbidden Words – SOAPBOX

Travelers and Gypsy Groves:
Seeking and Finding – DISPATCH
Little Birds – Tweet Peace Collection – ALBUM
Wheel of Life – DISPATCH
Playing with Bings – DISPATCH

Dispatches from Blueberry:
Cogs – Extra Images – ALBUM

In the Creators Realm:
Why I Write – DISPATCH
A Place to Call Home – DISPATCH
Look at the Stars and Dream – DISPATCH
Keeper of the Light – DISPATCH
Lore of the Open Hand – DISPATCH
Dusty Delivery and Many Yummy Returns – DISPATCH
Candy Hearts and Dusty Daemons – DISPATCH

Groundhog Fail – DISPATCH
Shamrocks and Rainbows – DISPATCH
Rainbow Shamrocks – Colors of My Soul – ALBUM
Rainbow Shamrocks – Colors of My Soul – Cover Images – ALBUM
Shamrock Bing Greetings – Happy Shamrock Day – ALBUM
Peace, Love and Shamrocks – Peace Sign Collection – White – ALBUM
Peace, Love and Shamrocks – Peace Sign Collection – Black – ALBUM
Blooming Peace Sign Collection – ALBUM
Happy Spring – White Collection – ALBUM
Carnival Day – DISPATCH
Jelly’s Jester Collection – Only the Jester Knows – ALBUM

Fireworks – Celebrate the Colors of Our Rainbow – SOAPBOX
United We Stand – SOAPBOX

Travelers New Year – DISPATCH
Travelers New Year Album – ALBUM
Spelltacular Halloween Collection – ALBUM
Peace, Love and Trick or Treat – Pumpkin-Spiced Peace Signs – ALBUM
Ghost Zings – Halloween Album – ALBUM
Prison of Imagined Worlds – Halloween Collection – ALBUM
Turkey Day – DISPATCH
Gobble, Gobble, Give Thanks – DISPATCH
Peace, Love and Thanksgiving Collection – ALBUM

Little Blue Orb – DISPATCH
Peace on Earth Collection – ALBUM
Believe – Santa Girl Collection – ALBUM
Bottle of Nog – DISPATCH
Holly Zings Collection – Tis the Season to be Holly – ALBUM
Jelly’s Holly Day Album No.1 – ALBUM
Jelly’s Holly Day Album No.2 – ALBUM
Let Your Light Shine – DISPATCH
Darkness to Light – SOAPBOX
Hello – Goodbye – Anticipating the New Year – DISPATCH
T-shirt and Socks Day – DISPATCH
Rodent Prognostication Day – DISPATCH
rEvolution Day – DISPATCH
rEvolution Album – ALBUM

Moon Posts:
Say Hello to the Moon – DISPATCH
Black Moon – DISPATCH

The Bards:
The Dark Bard – DISPATCH

Here Be Dragons – DISPATCH
Here Be Love – Be Mine Collection – ALBUM
Love Dragons Collection – ALBUM

Love Makes the World Tweet – DISPATCH
Sing the Song – Collection – ALBUM

Birthday Butterflies – ALBUM
Get Happy Collection – ALBUM
Dream in the Moonlight – Butterfly Collection – ALBUM
Migration – Butterfly Collection – ALBUM
Butterfly Dreams – DISPATCH
Believe in Your Dreams – Clockwork Butterfly Collection – ALBUM

Rabbits and Rescue:
How Much is That Attitude in the Window – ALBUM
Clockwork Rabbits – True Love Collection – ALBUM
Peace, Love Rescue – Color or Black Collection – ALBUM
You’re Nobody ’til Some Bunny Loves You – ALBUM

Sound and Fury – Peace Angel Collection – ALBUM
Entrenched – SOAPBOX
Vote for You – SOAPBOX

Birthday Stuff:
Happy Bird Day – DISPATCH
Happy Bird Day – Collection No2 – ALBUM
Cupcake Birthday Collection No1 – ALBUM
Cupcake Birthday Collection No2 – ALBUM
Fun Dog Birthday – DISPATCH
Sassy Girl Birthday Album – ALBUM
Birthday Bear Collection – ALBUM
Soul Envoys – DISPATCH
Sunshine Birthday – Life of the Party – DISPATCH
Flitter Zing Card – Happy Birthday – ALBUM
Sunshine Birthday Cake with Flitter Zing – ALBUM
Happy Birthday – No Watering Required – DISPATCH
Jelly Dragon Birthday Album – ALBUM

Thinking of You:
Thinking of You – Teddy Bear Collection – ALBUM

The Keeper of the Portal:
Note from Tessla – Keeper of the Portal – DISPATCH