Groundhog Fail

Groundhog Fail

March in Cratersville was always a grab-bag weather-wise. One day, it could be sunny and hot. Another day, it could be bitterly cold and windy. And, even though Cratersville was supposed to be a desert valley with proper desert weather, that didn’t stop it from dumping two feet of snow in one afternoon as if it were the mountains instead.

I’m not sure why the weather gods wanted to mess with the weather so. Perhaps, they just had it in for the hapless rodent who was unceremoniously pulled out of the ground every time the second of February rolled around.

If I were that groundhog, I’d be pissed. For one, you wake me up. For another, you make me deliver a forecast of the weather that you’ve already programmed to happen randomly a year in advance. It would be enough to make me bite the next hand that reached into my hole-in-the-ground home. But that’s just me.

So, in case the groundhog where you live got it wrong (or right), here are two images to make you smile.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

Celebrate Spring - Bird Wearing Party Hat

Celebrate Spring – Bird Wearing Party Hat