As humans, we don’t like things we don’t understand. We loath uncertainty. We detest a void. When faced with these things, we do what we do best—we create stories.

Sometimes these stories are uplifting. They are stories of heroism, grit and sacrifice.

Other times these stories are more sinister. These stories stoke fear, resentment and hate. The shadows of these stories tend to terrorize and fill us with helplessness.

People, when cornered, strike back.

This is why we must keep the beasts that roam the corners of our own soul from growing into fantoms that lash out at others.

We each have light and dark within us. We are complicated, multi-hued beings of infinite variety.

There’s a lot to learn about each other and ourselves. We should be curious about things and people we don’t know.

If we do, we might be surprised to find that each of us is vulnerable and fragile and easily bruised. We might take into consideration that the others we perceive as “dangerous” are just as vulnerable as we. That each of us is just trying to find a way to survive a world full of many sharp edges. We all just want to make it home and find comfort with those we love.

This brings me back to the stories. The best way to dispel the dark is to turn on the light. This is why I focus on what’s inside each of us. The more we’re stuck in our own heads, the more freedom the dark beasts within us have to turn others into demons.

Others are not demons.

The demons, if they be there, reside within.

Some will let these inner demons drive them to harm others. For some this will be thoughtless words or hurtful actions. For others, the stakes are higher and people die.

The sad thing is that if the light ever comes on inside these lost souls, they will realize that the haunted world they so believed in was just the shadows being conjured by their own dark thoughts.

The world is a narrow bridge.

The trick is to not be afraid.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures