The Concept Behind Peace, Love and Little Creatures

The Concept Behind Peace, Love and Little Creatures

In this post, I’m going to explore the driving force behind my choice of Peace, Love and Little Creatures as the banner under which I present my world to you.

You already know that I create little creatures. You also know that I got my gypsy soul from my mom which means—besides living a fairly nomadic life (even in the Creators Realm)—I’m kind of into that peace and love thing.

However, what I haven’t explored is the deeper struggle behind the seemingly light-hearted and fluffy name.

I’m one of those people who is gifted with the ability to see two sides to most issues. I guess in someways I couldn’t help but turn out this way. My father had his views on things and my mom had her own, rarely did they ever agree.

Thus, it should have come as no surprise that Poppy and I would disagree over how things should be done with regards to the Magic—especially as we grew older. What was surprising was the side that each of us ultimately ended up championing.

Poppy’s inclination—despite being inculcated by the Travelers—was towards a more revolutionary mindset, while I—despite being raised by my firebrand father—gravitated towards a more subtle, evolutionary approach to societal ills.

Revolution. Evolution. Both mean change.

Sometimes, a change is so all encompassing that it is deemed a revolution. The Industrial Revolution is a prime example of this, for it not only ushered in machine production, disrupting the livelihoods of great swathes of the populace in the process, but social upheaval as well.

Sometimes, the violence of a change becomes its memorable hallmark. The Russian Revolution being an infamous example, and the one—I must admit—that I worry over most.

Then there’s a revolution that happens so swiftly that it catches people, societies and governments off guard. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a case in point, and one that has only just begun to play out in your world.

This brings me, in my usual meandering way, to the path of the evolutionary.

Our worlds are very similar. Our societies are both on the threshold of great change. I cannot stop revolutionary change in my world, any more than you can stop it in yours. Revolution, be it dramatic, swift, bloody or all three is beyond the control of most of us.

However, we can be the guiding force behind evolutionary change. We can be true “evolutionaries”.

The first step in in this process is identifying the changes we wish to make in ourselves. It might be personal traits we wish to tweak. It might be skills we need to acquire. It might come down to just being curious in a world where everyone thinks they have all the answers.

After we work on us. We need to reach out. We need to let our newly polished vibe attract our true tribe. We need to surround ourselves with these precious people—our community. Together—though we may not be able to stop the revolution—we might be able to direct the course that the revolution ultimately takes.

That’s what Peace, Love and Little Creatures is all about. It’s about building a society not through force and destruction but through trust and creating.

Together, we stand on the threshold of change.

Let the evolution begin…

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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