Boho Chic Cratersville Style

Boho Chic Cratersville Style

Often, when I create peace signs, I think of my mom and sister, Poppy.

Both of them taught me, by their words and actions, not only how to navigate life in the Gypsy Grove, where I was a stranger, but how to welcome strangers as I watched them navigate the decorum of the small ’50s-era town of Cratersville where my dad had his theater, and I attended school.

Both took it in stride when people stared at them or made less than enlightened comments, though Poppy wasn’t scared to go toe-to-toe with anyone who crossed the line between stupid and obnoxious.

My mom’s reaction to neanderthals (my description not hers) was more subtle, usually involving a dash of psychology—along with a charm or two to tame the worst offenders.

Since I was not slated to follow in my mother’s tradition—like my sister Poppy—I refrained from dressing like one of the Travelers, though I did do my own version of era-breaking* when I got a bit older.

Being deeply influenced by all things bohemian, I chose to do my rebelling in the style of the peace-and-love movement of the late ’60s, early ’70s.

I wore peace sign t-shirts and emblems. I wore hip-hugger jeans and macrame belts. I was so boho I was chic.

The town was not amused. I got put into detention—more than once— until the overly zealous teachers realized they weren’t going to change me.

Everyone hoped that I would leave for another iconville once I graduated, so that they could return to their boring, uneventful, decorum-ruled lives.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grant their wish for, even though I did leave town, I wasn’t the one who graduated.

You see, Poppy and I knew why the icon worlds were stuck in the past. We also knew that for the icon worlds to survive they had to change.

Our little creatures did most of the heavy lifting. It was hard to keep things locked down with the chains of decorum when the little creatures kept on popping up and insinuating themselves into the well-oiled clockwork by which the Icon Galaxy was running.

Eventually, the denizens of the various icon worlds started to realize that their time of living by someone else’s script was coming to a close. Soon, they knew, they would be asked to don their caps-and-gowns and graduate into a new, script-free world where they would be the strangers.

And if, along the way, any of them were to find themselves needing guidance on how to navigate their brave, new worlds, they could look to the little creatures. I’m sure they would be eager to show them the way.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

*era-breaking is the term used to describe someone who breaks the customs, style and other rules-of-decorum of an era-bound iconville


Variation No1 - Red on Red

Red Peace Sign with Red Flowers and Rainbow Orbs

Variation No2 - Yellow on Red

Red Peace Sign with Yellow Flowers and Rainbow Orbs

Variation No3 - Red on Yellow

Yellow Peace Sign with Red Flowers and Rainbow Orbs

Variation No4 - Yellow on Yellow

Yellow Peace Sign with Yellow Flowers and Rainbow Orbs