About This Site

About This Site

Hi, my name is Jellybean Reds. I’ve been creating my world for a while now, and it has come to my attention that, perhaps, I should explain the methodology I use to craft this site.

The first thing you should know is that there are no linear arcs to my presentations. Instead, my dispatches (and albums) tend to follow the seasonal flow of the year in both theme and messaging. This arrangement allows me to repost old favorites while sharing new stuff as the seasons come and go.

You will also notice that, in addition to traditional holidays, I like inserting special days of my own making. Many times, these days come into being after I discover some bizarre factoid or event on that great cloudy web of frivolous and dubious information known—in my realm—as the Celestial Warehouse.

Speaking of the web. You might have guessed—by the title of my site: Peace, Love and Little Creatures—that little creatures play an important role in what I do here. In fact, they are the very reason this site exists in the first place. Without them there would be no story to tell. Thus, you will see them popping up in many of my missives and images—just like they pop up all around Cratersville, its environs and beyond.

The final thing I want to enlighten you about is the terminology I use when categorizing my posts:

Dispatches: Since I’m not from your realm, I thought dispatch would be the best way to signify the majority of the missives I write. Some of my dispatches are flashbacks to my formative years in Cratersville. Other dispatches are written about my current life in the Creators Realm. Some are just emotive meanderings (see the Soapbox Section if you like this kind of fare).

Albums: There are times, I just want to share a selection of my latest imagery with little or no elaboration. When these occasions arise, I gather the images into an album—rather than a dispatch. Feel free to peruse these hidden gems under the Albums Section.

Introductory Posts: Considering my world is fairly complicated, I am working on a series of posts that will introduce you to the various aspects of my realm. Visit Introduction to Jelly’s World to check out the latest eye-opening installment.

This concludes your guided tour for today. As always, I’m thrilled to be able to share my world with you. I hope you sense the love I put into each and every dispatch, album and post.

—Jellybean Reds, Creator of Little Creatures

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